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How do I participate in the CatSpace Offer ?
CATSPACE.BIZ likes to make you the following offer, !!!

Explanation of our CatSpace offer

Recruit 3 new paying customers and your next year on CATSPACE.BIZ is FOR FREE

You have the opportunity to invite up to 5 friends, acquaintances or colleague breeders to join CATSPACE.BIZ. Why 5, ? this increases your chances, because you only need 3. As soon as 3 friends, acquaintances or colleague breeders have subscribed as a paying member, your next year on CATSPACE.BIZ is FOR FREE. The condition is that these 3 new members, you did recruit, must have payed there membership before your current membership periode has expired. By filling in the E-mail address and sending the mail , you don't oblige the addressee to join CATSPACE.BIZ. Furthermore we will not use the E-mail addresses you filled in, for any other purpose than only this action.

More information regarding our Privacy Policy can be found in our 'Terms of Use'.

We thank you for your time and attention. The team of CATSPACE.BIZ wishes you lots of fun and succes with your cattery

Your CatSpace Team
What brings me the CatSpace.biz FLATRATE ?This FLATRATE gives you one year membership on CatSpace.biz.
The possibility to enter up to 4 studs, up to 4 litters and up to 2 replacements if you want.
the ability to upload as much as 37 pictures.
The opportunity to present your cattery in 3 languages, if you want.